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Temet Nosc,

On Friday I watched a video titled, "This Free Indicator Changed My Life", by John Carter founder of Simpler Trading. The video is about an hour and a half long. In the video, John discussed his million dollar trades, how to use the TTM Squeeze indicator, and went into detail about his trading ideology. I usually do not watch long videos about indicators, especially when I know the game plan is to up sell you. However, John is the creator of the TTM Scalper indicator, which was the first piece to my success in becoming profitable. Not so much the indicator itself, but the concept used to create the indicator inspired other indicators that I have created. If you look at any of my charts, you will always see a TTM Scalper somewhere. So because of that fact, I decided to watch John's video and I am glad I did. Check it out if you have the time.

In the video John drops a lot of gems and I must have watch it 10 times over this weekend. I have watched the video so much, that I was inspired to create my own version of the TTM Squeeze indicator. I appreciate the stock indicator TOS has to offer, but I love the ability to be able to take different pieces of other indicators and create my own master pieces.  Creating your own indicators is not as easy as it sounds, but since 2021 I have evolved and can create almost anything, especially if I can see it in action. For some, creating custom indicators is high level ish, but for me it is a necessity because I see things differently from the rest of the world.

John's success is proof that you can take your destiny into your hands and achieve things very few can, if you are willing to put in the work. If you show me that I can possibly make millions if I can accurately analyze the stock market and create indicators to assist me, then I am going to do what is required even if it means failing along the way. I can remember times when I had to be at work at 8am, but I was up watching the futures market at 2am building and testing indicators based on what I saw on the charts. Some indicators took me months to get right, but when they didn't work the first time I didn't give up.

So this weekend, John's video was on repeat as I stayed up and put the things he discussed into my own indicator. I started Friday night and was finished Sunday morning. Before the haters think aloud, in TOS you cannot see the source code for the TTM Squeeze, which makes it tough to make an exact replica. So I didn't just copy his code and change the title. I had to watch it, incorporate the information he shared, and add my Zero K twist to it based on how I create.

So thank you John for sharing and allowing others to learn from what you  have created. In my opinion, my new indicator is now a must for every trade. I have created about 45 indicators since 2021, but this new one is in my top five, especially because it was crafted based on how I trade. Here is a screenshot of how it compares to the TTM Squeeze.

As you can see my indicator below the TTM Squeeze is similar on the surface, however I added a few things that show the direction of the squeeze, when the squeeze is on a Bull run or Bear run, when the run is over, and when price/trend reverses when the squeeze is not on. That allows me to take great trades in between squeezes. So I make bank when the squeeze fires and when it is is building up. 

In my setup, the orange dots signify the squeezes, the green dots signify the squeeze fires, the cyan line above the red line on which the squeeze is on, represents the likely direction and trend. Cyan is for bulls and red is for bears. For the Redpill Brigade, we all know that I like X's. Every cyan red X, represents a price/trend reversal, with the upcoming color representing the new direction. Some reversals are long some are short, but the histogram bars will give you insight into the larger trend.

It should be obvious why me new indicator is in my top five. It is not the only thing I trade with but, it definitely gives me the edge I need. Before you ask can I share this with you, the answer is no. I need to test it to make sure it will not cause anyone to lose money. The last thing I want to do is share something that causes people to lose money, that would damage my reputation. So for now, I will trade and record videos to document how I use it on OVBE Videos as wells on the Youtube Channel Red Pill Futures Matrix, and one day for those that prove to be faithful members of the Red Pill Brigade, I will give it to them at the Red Pill Futures Matrix Conference. Until then, be inspired and do not let anyone get in the way of you pursuing your dreams. 

YouTube: Red Pill Futures Matrix

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