IV Pillars of OVBE

The acronym OVBE stands for ideals all OVBEians can relate to and embrace. The OVBE network is an exclusive club/community where we will go it alone together. Gain followers through blogging, list merchandise to sell, share what to do and what not to do from experience, earn money with affiliate links in product reviews, post a video ad, inform everyone of an important business events, and NETWORK. Contribute to the success of fellow Entrepreneurs and make a friend for life. Don't Dream It, OVBE It!!!


Every time you fail or succeed a new opportunity is created. Recognize it, prepare for it, seize it, learn from it. The only bad opportunity is a missed one.


Venture beyond your safe zone and make your dreams a reality. Life without risks is a life full of regrets!!! Listen to what everyone says you can't do, then DO IT!!!


Business is the heartbeat of your community, your country, and the world. Solve a problem, help others, or promote your passions. Success is what you make it!!!


From an idea, to a vision, to "I can't believe I'm actually doing this." Entrepreneurs are unique individuals that pursue their dreams even if the odds are against them. The universe is at your fingertips, but first you must build the Enterprise.