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The mission of OVBE is to be recognized as the go to place for entrepreneurs and consumers that want to love everything about business. We are committed to providing a platform for entrepreneurs to learn, share, and network. One of our goals is to provide members with the information necessary to further their business ventures. Members have the ability to add another revenue stream, advertise, create e-commerce stores, and build long lasting relationships with other entrepreneurs.


Don't Dream It, OVBE It! is our motto, and we want to be the first step toward helping your dreams become reality. We plan to grow organically while incorporating the needs of our members, in addition to creating a family of entrepreneurs not just a network. Future goals include, reimbursing members for expenses associated with writing reviews about products or services for the OVBE Certified Merchants directory. As well as building a reputation globally as the go to place for product reviews by OVBE members. We also envision growing large enough to have an annual OVBE conference, specifically for OVBE members. So join us and be a part of an exclusive club, where success is what you make it.

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