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2023 November 1 ES Daily Chart

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10/27/23 EOW Daily

11/1/23 Daily

Temet Nosc,

Work and DAD duties delayed the sharing of my usually Saturday night Sunday morning analysis. I apologize if you visited the watch list section and were disappointed. In the beginning of 2024, if you want to be a member of the Red Pill Brigade and learn the ways of the Red Pill Futures Matrix, some will be given the opportunity. I am not here to tell you what to do or how to trade.  My mission is to show what is possible if you believe. The choice will always be yours and sharing my analysis can hinder my trading at times. Now on to the good stuff. 

Above you see the daily chart for Friday of last week and the daily chart for Tuesday night at the open of the futures market this week. As you can see last week, the bear trend looked as if it was running out of steam on the daily chart, however the chart did not show any major signs of a big reversal on its way.

When the Sunday candle appeared a small bull rally started and it is currently in progress. Even still, from my view there are still no signs of a major bull reversal. Those of you that have been reading my futures intelligence reports, know that the ways of the Red Pill Brigade requires a green X to show itself, before an offensive campaign is initiated. The green X is the signal to enter long ES or MES contracts, or buy ATM ES, MES, SPX, or XSP CALLS, and for the Generals that means to sell PUTS, but writing options is not for the weak or investors with small cash reserves. However, I want you to know of some of the advance strategies that you will be exposed to.

So as this week unfolds by Friday we should know if this small bull rally was a pump fake. The 50 day SMA is slowly making its way down to cross the 200 day SMA, which means a haymaker may be on the way, so proceed with caution. In times of uncertainty the best thing to do is to sit back and let things play out. There is no need in trying to predict where the market is going, follow the direction the market points to and adjust as needed, be like water. 

My plan is to check the daily chart every day for the green X and wait until the market offers an opportunity that I can't refuse. Patience is critical in situations like this and sometimes sitting still is the best offensive measure. Keep an eye on your trend reversal indicators and stay ready so you will not have to get ready. Have bull plan and bear plan ready to be executed. 

I hope my analysis helps you see something you did not see, or confirmed what you already saw. As always do your own research and manage your risk.