Great Minds Think Alike

Open an eCommerce store, start a group, share business ideas, or just network with like minded individuals. Dream It, Plan It, Do It.

How to Join

OVBE is a selective community. Members are required to be at least 18 years old. A member can be an individual, or represent an organization with a business interest. You can sign up with no invitation, and wait until your account gets approved if you like what OVBE is about. We are still in the early stages of building our membership and would love to accept everyone, but can't at this time. However, we recognize that there are some people that have supported us by buying merchandise from OVBE Style, if you are a part of that group, send me a DM on Instagram so I can return the appreciation.

Sharing information, networking, and generating extra income is the focus. If you do not have a positive attitude, willing to support others, and working towards financial freedom, then OVBE is not for you. Networking with like minded people while sharing and learning new information, will lead to innovation, inspiration, and motivation. So those invited/accepted, should have a common interest of entrepreneurship, community, and responsible consumerism.

Prospective members can join by clicking the join OVBE button at the top, reviewing the Membership Tiers and joining the party. Or by asking an existing member for an invitation if you know one. If you have signed up and feel this is a community you really need to be a part of and help grow, follow me on Instagram at Mr_OVBE, send me a message and I will personally handle your request. Members will be approved at the discretion of OVBE.